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Importance of Representation

Representation in Media and Films

Newspapers, radio, television, and the Internet are significant in affirming attitudes and established opinions. For instance, the news media focuses on the public's attention on certain people and issues, leading many to form opinions on these issues at hand. 

In the current industrialized and information-based societies, individuals tend to develop a dependency on the media to satisfy a variety of their needs ranging from a need for information on a political candidate's policy positions to a need for relaxation and entertainment. 

Representation in the media is a constant source of controversy. For decades, awards shows such as the Oscars and Grammys have overlooked the work of minority groups. Several films and TV shows released in the past few years have sought to prove representation for minority groups in the media. 

Why is it important?

Representation isn't just a nice way to appease complaining minorities and win more profit. Their experiences and perceptions shape people. Society's view of the world at hand is defined by what the public sees and hear--the media has always played an essential role in this. The evolution of inclusivity has been rapid and pronounced, mainly fueled by the advent of social media. Humans have the ultimate control to create our content and filter the media we consume. As corporations tap into influencer marketing, harnessing the power of social media, genuinely diverse representation is ever so important. Increasing visibility and normalizing the variation in our humankind is one way of doing this; all races, ages, abilities, and sizes.

In terms of media in America, the American media is a reflection of who America is and isn't. America isn't just white, and it has never been. The current society is driven by technology, and everybody is exposed to different types of media online. If the media fails to represent minorities accurately, America will have no choice but to see a white reflection when it looks into a mirror. 

Importance of Representation