Voices of Integration

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Over the past 50 years, Episcopal has gone from being a school with only four percent minority students in 1968 to thirty-six percent in 2018. While the school has made tremendous progress towards becoming more diverse and inclusive there is still much work to be done. This student project is a part of a larger movement by the EHS administration, faculty and student body to study and learn from the history, good and bad, of the High School.

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This exhibit examines the evolution of integration and diversity at Episcopal. Beginning with an explanation of the historical and political climate in the 1960s, the first page describes the historical context behind the experiences of the EHS student body and alumni. The exhibit then continues chronologically from 1965 when the Board of Trustees voted to view all admissions candidates equally to present-day. Also, throughout the exhibit, there are pages highlighting Headmasters Hoxton and Ainslie (on "Administration"), Wilmer Henry (on "Unwavering Service"), and the first African American teachers (on "Episcopal's 'Firsts'"). Overall, this project is an attempt at expressing the narratives and experiences of those who paved the path for Episcopal to become an inclusive and welcoming community. 

Those who take on the challenge to be a "first" have a keen "comprehension of the importance of their actions." The students who integrated Episcopal were no different. Every boy who integrated Episcopal was aware that his success or failure would determine the path of future students. Looking back on the transformation of the past fifty years, we must remember who paved this path at Episcopal. These students deserve commemoration for their sacrifices, and their stories educate us on how and how not to treat others. 

If you would like to share your experiences from your time at Episcopal please reach out at 18webbn@episcopalhighschool.org.

- Nettie Webb '18


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