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Photograph from 1967 Whispers

April 1968 Chronicle.jpg
Chronicle letters-One from students critical of student body reaction to MLK's murder. Second from Mr. Hoxton laying out expectations for for treatment of first African American students the next Fall.

Image of the USS Bache aground off the coast of Rhodes, Greece.

Mr.Jones Interview.m4a
Discussed the impact of his own views on integration as a student at Episcopal, student political commentary on massive resistance, influence of "Old South" on the old boys in the 60s, and finally what made him decide to join the board.

Greensboro Four.jpg
David Richmond (from left), Franklin McCain, Ezell Blair Jr., and Joseph McNeil leave the Woolworth in Greensboro, N.C., where they initiated a lunch-counter sit-in to protest segregation, Feb. 1, 1960

After being refused service at a Greensboro, North Carolina Woolworth’s, four African-American men launched a protest that lasted six months and helped change America.

SNCC Atlanta 1963.jpg
A picture of a group of SNCC members in 1963

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Famous Sit-In Photo.jpg
Civil rights sit-in by John Salter, Joan Trumpauer, and Anne Moody at Woolworth's lunch counter. People pour sugar, ketchup and mustard on them in protest

Articles from the Richmond Times Dispatch from the 1950s to the 1960s touching on massive resistance to integration. These articles cover multiple towns and countys within Virginia, and the political crisis of the time.
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