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EHS Commencment, 6.28.1902.pdf
An article describing Episcopal's commencement exercise in 1902. Rev. Robert Strange gave an sermon on "What is your life?", followed by the valedictory address of Oscar De Wolf Randolph on the "character and example of Robert E. Lee." The Fairfax…

EHS Commencement, 6.29.1901.pdf
An article on Episcopal's commencement exercise in 1901

On April 14th, two speakers came from UVA. Professor L. G. Hoxton talked about how all branches of science were used in the military service during the Great War, while A. L. Kinsolving, Jr. described the life of UVA to the students to attract their…

Photograph of Robert D. Cronly and Francis O. Roller sitting in a classroom.

A photographs of Episcopal students holding their cameras, possibly for an early photography class.

part 1 Tony Chase.m4a
This is audio from an interview of Mr. Tony Chase class of 1973. Here, he discusses the role of the Stouffer Foundation in sending him to Episcopal High School, how the Rat system affected student relations, and the reaction of the student body after…

Integration Decemebr 1968 Minutes a-b.pdf
Report on first African American students, during the Board of Trustees meeting in December of 1968.

Attachment to Memo to the Board Announcing Acceptance Attachment March 1968.jpg
Board of Trustees Memo about the admission of two African American students in 1968.

Pithonian Society Oct 1970.jpg
This document addresses the revival of an academic club known as the Pythonian Society. The role of this society was to aid weaker students at Episcopal as well as create educational Sunday evening programs.

Stouffer Foundation Page 1.jpg
An article detailing the philanthropy of Mrs. Anne Forsyth and her work to integrate the college prep schools of the south.
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