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A photograph of W.W. Yen.....

Picture of Virginius Dabney

1917 Dabney 2.jpg
Virginius Dabney with the Monitors of 1917: Whispers Yearbook

The Whispers senior yearbook page for Virginius Dabney '17

Mr.Jones Interview.m4a
Discussed the impact of his own views on integration as a student at Episcopal, student political commentary on massive resistance, influence of "Old South" on the old boys in the 60s, and finally what made him decide to join the board.

Lee Part 3
Mr. Lee talks about being a faculty member at EHS

Richmond Times-Dispatch

Chronicle_1953-05-09 %22Dabney Speaks%22.JPG
Chronical Article about Virginius Dabney

Mr. Lee talks about his time here at EHS from years 1997-2001.

Fairfax, Randolph.png
Randolph Fairfax was a 18?? graduate of Episcopal High School .who joined the Confederate Army. He died at the Battle of Fredericksburg.
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