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Origin of the Brazil Mission by L. M. Blackford 9.28.1902.pdf
An article written by L. M. Blackford on the history of Episcopalian missionary in Brazil.

Bishop Whittle Orbituary 6.28.1902.pdf
An obituary of Bishop Francis M. Whittle. A graduate of Episcopal, he became the fifth Episcopal Bishop of Virginia in 1876. One of the awards on academic achievement was named after him. (Meade-Third Bishop of Virginia, Johns-Fourth Bishop of…

A complete list of EHS alumni that served in the military during the First World War, included in 1919-1920 Whisper

The Chronicle published a war letter from Josiah R. Ellis Jr., an Episcopal alumnus who served in the military police unit of the 42nd “Rainbow” Division. Ellis wrote this letter to his mother, who then published it on Richmond News-Leader and the…

An article from Richmond News-Leader re-published on the Chronicle, dedicated to Andrew Beirne Blair, an alumnus who recently died in a plane crash during military training at Pensacola training school.

An editorial piece dedicated to Mr. Whittle, a former German teacher, who was drafted to military service and had to depart from Episcopal. The editorial also brought out a proposal that the school should build a new chapel in memory of the alumni…

An article discussing early participation of Episcopal alumni in the Great War, as well as some early honor that they had earned.

A picture of John Campbell Greenway '90 and Theodore Roosevelt during the War of 1898

Photograph of Robert D. Cronly and Francis O. Roller sitting in a classroom.

A photograph of Robert D. Cronly Jr. on the track, who created this Scrapbook; after graduating from Episcopal, he attended University of Virginia and became a First Lieutenant of 81st Division, AEF during the war.
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