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The Brazil Mission 9.29.1902.pdf
An article that summarizes Blackford's report on the history of Episcopalian missionary in Brazil and adds additional information. According to the author, Blackford had been on the Administrative Board of the American Church Missionary Society. The…

Origin of the Brazil Mission by L. M. Blackford 9.28.1902.pdf
An article written by L. M. Blackford on the history of Episcopalian missionary in Brazil.

Blackford Passion Play 4.9.1901.pdf
According to Southern Churchman, Blackford gave a lecture on "Passion Play" at St. Paul's church, Alexandria.

November 24th, first dance of the school year. There were some opposition to the dance, namely its incompatibility with the present war. It did take place in the end, and the dance raised some money for the Red Cross.
Homer L. Ferguson came again to…

On October 22nd, Mr. Reese came to talk about the work he has done with the YMCA following the British troops in Afghanistan and Mesopotamia.
The following Sunday (29th), Mr. Hoxton read to the students two letters; one from P. H. Callaway, a…

Photograph of Head of School Hoxton Sr., Circa 1914; Hoxton looked relatively young in the photo.

Senior yearbook photo

McGuire, John Peyton.png
Painting of the third Headmaster of EHS (1852-1861) in the collection of Episcopal High School.

Blackford Obituary-Alexandria Gazette 1914-05-23
Obituary in the Alexandria Gazette published on the day Blackford died.

Fall 1965 EHS News.jpg
The article reports a reaffirmation by the Board of Trustees concerning the school mission statement and admissions policy.
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