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integration letter2a.jpg
Letter from Headmaster Hoxton to parents of the student body to announce that Regi Burns and Sam Paschall would be attending Episcopal beginning in the fall of 1968.

April 1968 Chronicle.jpg
Chronicle letters-One from students critical of student body reaction to MLK's murder. Second from Mr. Hoxton laying out expectations for for treatment of first African American students the next Fall.

Mr. Chesson Interview Part 1.m4a
Mr. Chesson discusses Mr. Hoxton's leadership and dorm life as a rat.

Part 3 Tony Chase.m4a
Tony Chase discusses the role of school administrators in integration at Episcopal, his mentors at Episcopal, and daily interactions with teachers.

Daemon_1967 Spring_Surf Club Drawing.JPG
Drawing of an old Ford car, with the Surf Club inscribed in the side, which is accompanied by a confederate flag. (Daemon 1967)

Daemon_1968 Fall_Drawing.jpg
Drawing of Otis Redding in the 1968 Fall Daemon

Daemon_1969 Fall_Jim_p1.JPG
An Episcopal High School student describes an African American called Jim, who has been a servant to his family since the day he was born; the student reflects upon his relationship with Jim, how that relationship deteriorated as he attended…

1968 Letter from Hoxton Announcing Acceptance.pdf
Headmaster Hoxton writes letter to the parents and students announcing the integration of EHS.

Daemon_1968 Winter_The American Scene.jpg
A poem published in the Daemon talking about racial divisions as well as American pride.
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