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EHS Commencment, 6.28.1902.pdf
An article describing Episcopal's commencement exercise in 1902. Rev. Robert Strange gave an sermon on "What is your life?", followed by the valedictory address of Oscar De Wolf Randolph on the "character and example of Robert E. Lee." The Fairfax…

EHS Commencement, 6.29.1901.pdf
An article on Episcopal's commencement exercise in 1901

To help the Episcopal students determine their career in the future, the Chronicle editorial section published a letter written by P. P. Claxton, U.S. Commissioner of Education, titled “Enlist--and Go to College.” The letter encouraged the students…

On April 14th, two speakers came from UVA. Professor L. G. Hoxton talked about how all branches of science were used in the military service during the Great War, while A. L. Kinsolving, Jr. described the life of UVA to the students to attract their…

An editorial piece dedicated to Mr. Whittle, a former German teacher, who was drafted to military service and had to depart from Episcopal. The editorial also brought out a proposal that the school should build a new chapel in memory of the alumni…

Diagram of the newly constructed Hoxton Field in 1914

The editorial asserted that the summer after this school year would be critical to the war efforts; while President Wilson had already issued a call to all boys between the ages of 16 and 19 to work on farms over the summer to help feed the troops,…

On March 3rd, Professor Echols of UVA talked to the Episcopal students on the present work. He stressed that a sufficient number of Americans had enlisted, and the duty of the EHS students should be staying at school and preparing to solve the…

A prose written about smoking cigarette that praises nicotine.

An editorial again calling for students’ attention to the present war as well as the current events to become vigilant citizens in this critical time.
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