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Class Officers Nov 1970.jpg
Newspaper article about the election of monitors who were elected by each underclassmen grade. The monitors represent their class with positions such as: president, vice president, and secretary treasurer.

March 1966a.jpg
An account of a civil rights speaker at EHS.

Morehead Scholarship Dec 1971.jpg
Regi Burns and Randy Metcalfe are nominated for the Morehead scholarship, and will be traveling to UNC for an interview.

Tennis April 1971.jpg
EHS J.V. tennis team in 1971 continues winning streak.

Headmaster Outlines Admissions Policy (1).PNG
Article stating recent change in admissions policy made by the board of trustees and head of school, specifically regarding the integration of African American students into the school. Author Jim Beckwith weighs the short term effects integration…

Soocer Jan 1971.jpg
The JV EHS soccer team, led by Mr. Dougherty and Gilchrist, lost a game 1-0 to Sidwell Friends, but won a game against Flint Hill varsity. They had a 1-6 record record for the season when the article was written.

Pithonian Society Oct 1970.jpg
This document addresses the revival of an academic club known as the Pythonian Society. The role of this society was to aid weaker students at Episcopal as well as create educational Sunday evening programs.

Students Hear Mrs. Newell.JPG
A student writes about Mrs. Keith Newell's speech about Mau-Mau terrorism in Kenya, and students positively respond to her talk.

Chronicle March 1971.jpg
Chronicle article stating new Editor-in-Chief, Regi Burns, and other new, elected positions.

Chronicle April 1971.jpg
The listing of the editorial staff and contributors of the E.H.S. Chronicle during the 1970-71 school year.
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