"A Little Missionary Journey"

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"A Little Missionary Journey"


An article written by Frederick W. Neve about his religious work in the mountains, published in Southern Churchman. According to his article, Blackford and Whittle contributed to the trip.

Frederick William Neve, born in the county of Kent, England, was educated at Merton College, Oxford, and ordained a deacon in 1880 at the abbey church of St. Albans (his certificate of ordination is in this collection). In 1888, the vestries of St. Paul's (Ivy) and Emmanuel (Greenwood) Churches asked Neve to come to Virginia, and he accepted. In 1890 Neve built his first church in the Ragged Mountains, St. John the Baptist. Ten years later he began supporting a teacher at Simmon's Gap, an isolated community in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This was the beginning of his work with the mountain people that eventually embraced seven Virginia counties and became the Archdeaconry of the Blue Ridge.


Frederick W. Neve


V.T.S. Archives


November 9, 1901



A Little Missionary Journey by Federick W. Neve, 11.9.1901.pdf


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