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Seminary, bonds & capital, 1901.pdf
The seminary responds to criticism on its recent efforts of garnering more funds by selling bonds.

Seminary on Philips Brooks 3.30.1901.pdf
An article published by the V.T.S. on the changes and improvements of the Seminary in the days of Philips Brooks, a graduate of the V.T.S. and an abolitionist.

Philips Brooks and the Virginia Seminary  6.21.1902.pdf
An article published by the V.T.S. on the legacy of the late Philips Brooks, who was a graduate of the V.T.S. and famous abolitionist preacher during the Civil War. The article addressed the critiques and discontents of Brooks towards the Seminary…

The Brazil Mission 9.29.1902.pdf
An article that summarizes Blackford's report on the history of Episcopalian missionary in Brazil and adds additional information. According to the author, Blackford had been on the Administrative Board of the American Church Missionary Society. The…

Origin of the Brazil Mission by L. M. Blackford 9.28.1902.pdf
An article written by L. M. Blackford on the history of Episcopalian missionary in Brazil.

Mrs. Joseph Bryan 3.30.1901.pdf
A notice posted by the secretary of the Council of the Diocese of Virginia; Mrs. Joseph Bryan appeared on the list of a committee that was to form a report.

Bishop Whittle Orbituary 6.28.1902.pdf
An obituary of Bishop Francis M. Whittle. A graduate of Episcopal, he became the fifth Episcopal Bishop of Virginia in 1876. One of the awards on academic achievement was named after him. (Meade-Third Bishop of Virginia, Johns-Fourth Bishop of…

Lectures at Seminary in 1902 4.26.1902.pdf
A letter from V.T.S. published in Southern Churchman that described the sermons and lectures given by visiting clerics.

First Days of the Virginia Seminary 12.7.1901.pdf
An article that summarizes Bishop Meade's lecture on the early days of the V.T.S.

EHS Commencment, 6.28.1902.pdf
An article describing Episcopal's commencement exercise in 1902. Rev. Robert Strange gave an sermon on "What is your life?", followed by the valedictory address of Oscar De Wolf Randolph on the "character and example of Robert E. Lee." The Fairfax…
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