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EHS Commencement, 6.29.1901.pdf
An article on Episcopal's commencement exercise in 1901

Blackford Passion Play 4.9.1901.pdf
According to Southern Churchman, Blackford gave a lecture on "Passion Play" at St. Paul's church, Alexandria.

A Little Missionary Journey by Federick W. Neve, 11.9.1901.pdf
An article written by Frederick W. Neve about his religious work in the mountains, published in Southern Churchman. According to his article, Blackford and Whittle contributed to the trip.

Frederick William Neve, born in the county of Kent,…

Abridged version of the Alexandria Gazette's report on the WWI Tablet at Episcopal.

A newspaper article on the unveiling ceremony of the tablet on fallen Episcopal alumni during the First World War

A photograph of Patrick Henry Callaway, a long time EHS teacher; the Calloway Chapel was named after him.

A cartoon portraying a suffragist figure in the “Lectures and Entertainment” section of Whisper; the person is standing on top of a soap box, a stereotypical depiction of suffragists protesting on soap boxes on streets.
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