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Sketch of VTS in 1855 from _Life and Letters of Phillips Brooks. Volume: 1. Contributors: Alexander V. G. Allen - Author. Publisher: Dutton. Place of publication: New York. Publication year: 1900_

Painting of Alexandria during Civil War showing port and Federal troop installations around the city.

Seminary, bonds & capital, 1901.pdf
The seminary responds to criticism on its recent efforts of garnering more funds by selling bonds.

Seminary on Philips Brooks 3.30.1901.pdf
An article published by the V.T.S. on the changes and improvements of the Seminary in the days of Philips Brooks, a graduate of the V.T.S. and an abolitionist.

Philips Brooks and the Virginia Seminary  6.21.1902.pdf
An article published by the V.T.S. on the legacy of the late Philips Brooks, who was a graduate of the V.T.S. and famous abolitionist preacher during the Civil War. The article addressed the critiques and discontents of Brooks towards the Seminary…
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