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The Seminary 1916 annual contest in public speaking was held at Episcopal Chapel; the theme was "Christianity and War"; some Episcopal students observed the contest.

Class Officers Nov 1970.jpg
Newspaper article about the election of monitors who were elected by each underclassmen grade. The monitors represent their class with positions such as: president, vice president, and secretary treasurer.

EHS Commencement, 6.29.1901.pdf
An article on Episcopal's commencement exercise in 1901

A fictional story about a brave West Point graduate who got injured and became a coward on the battlefield; yet, when another bullet hit the same spot, he became brave again.

Daemon_1968 Fall_Editor's Comment.jpg
A short story about God published in Daemon

A poem about praying for the divine power during wartime

March 1966a.jpg
An account of a civil rights speaker at EHS.

The annual dual contest between Blackford and Fairfax Literary Societies featured a debate on mandatory military service.

Chronicle_1954-06-04 _Ellington at Finals_.JPG
An EHS student writes about the background of Duke Ellington and Milton Bell and their upcoming performance at the Finals dance in 1954.
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