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March 1966a.jpg
Student description of the Sunday night program guest speaker Mrs. Sarah Patton, speaking about civil rights in Pendleton Hall.

A student-led personal interview with the first Japanese student to attend Episcopal, Takane Kuki.

November 1968 Chronicle.jpg
Episcopal High School's head cook, an African-American, dies of a heart attack after a 17-year-long tenure in October of 1968.

The cartoon presents two well-dressed students who are standing on the side, seemingly mocking a Native American who is walking down the hallway. Underneath the image reads "I hear he's the new dietician", supposedly mocking the food in Episcopal…

March 1966b.jpg
Article detailing tutoring program initiated by seniors and chaplains at Episcopal High School. Tutoring program targeted to help children in economically depressed areas in Alexandria.

October 1967.jpg
A student account of the Administration's forward looking changes to Episcopal High School, such as racial issues, coeducation and security.

Chronicle_1954-06-04 _Ellington at Finals_.JPG
An EHS student writes about the background of Duke Ellington and Milton Bell and their upcoming performance at the Finals dance in 1954.

The resource describes a speech delivered to the school by Mrs. Keith Newell from Kenya, Africa. She talked about the Mau-Mau terrorism in Kenya through the use of anecdotes. The Mau Mau advocated violent resistance to British domination in Kenya.…

April 1966b.jpg
The Chronicle interviews Mr. Helfenstein and Mr. Booth to reveal their perspective on accepting an African American. Also, it emphasizes the relationships with the "Old Boys," which is now strained.

April 1968 Chronicle.jpg
Two letters in The Chronicle evaluate race relations at EHS in 1968. The headmaster, A.R. Hoxton, Jr. asks the student body to accept the 2 incoming African American boys with the same dignity they accept any new students.
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