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A complete list of EHS alumni that served in the military during the First World War, included in 1919-1920 Whisper

An aerial photo of the Episcopal campus in 1926

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On the afternoon of June 25th, the school concluded the military program of the past school year with a drill competition. After Commandant Cocke offered a few remarks, the companies were drilled in front of a viewing stand. Several military…

A writing contest winning essay that discussed the Russian March and October Revolution. The essay praised the Russians for overthrowing the autocracy of the Tsar, but expressed concerns of the Bolshevik menace as well as Russia’s exit from the war.

The Chronicle published a war letter from Josiah R. Ellis Jr., an Episcopal alumnus who served in the military police unit of the 42nd “Rainbow” Division. Ellis wrote this letter to his mother, who then published it on Richmond News-Leader and the…

An article from Richmond News-Leader re-published on the Chronicle, dedicated to Andrew Beirne Blair, an alumnus who recently died in a plane crash during military training at Pensacola training school.

To help the Episcopal students determine their career in the future, the Chronicle editorial section published a letter written by P. P. Claxton, U.S. Commissioner of Education, titled “Enlist--and Go to College.” The letter encouraged the students…

On April 14th, two speakers came from UVA. Professor L. G. Hoxton talked about how all branches of science were used in the military service during the Great War, while A. L. Kinsolving, Jr. described the life of UVA to the students to attract their…

An editorial piece dedicated to Mr. Whittle, a former German teacher, who was drafted to military service and had to depart from Episcopal. The editorial also brought out a proposal that the school should build a new chapel in memory of the alumni…

A cartoon describing student life at Episcopal during the war, including the military drill.
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