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Pendleton, William Nelson.png
Need to develop: First Headmaster of Episcopal, Episcopal Minister, Confederate General, Organized the Rockbridge Artillery

Richmond Times-Dispatch

Daemon_1968 Winter_Drawing.jpg
A sketch of the Confederate Lieutenant General Wade Hampton

Chronicle_1953-12-17 Cartoon.JPG
A cartoon of a prehistoric cave-person banging on a drum. The cartoon says "A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N--T-E-S-T--T-O-D-A-Y--"

Seminary on Philips Brooks 3.30.1901.pdf
An article published by the V.T.S. on the changes and improvements of the Seminary in the days of Philips Brooks, a graduate of the V.T.S. and an abolitionist.

Daemon_1968 Fall_Editor's Comment.jpg
A short story about God published in Daemon

Stouffer Foundation Page 1.jpg
An article detailing the philanthropy of Mrs. Anne Forsyth and her work to integrate the college prep schools of the south.

A fictional story about a brave West Point graduate who got injured and became a coward on the battlefield; yet, when another bullet hit the same spot, he became brave again.
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