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March 1966a.jpg
Student description of the Sunday night program guest speaker Mrs. Sarah Patton, speaking about civil rights in Pendleton Hall.

June 1961.jpg
Student article exposing the fascist regime infiltrating the rightist movement of student led clubs of EHS. Created for entertainment.

A letter from an Lieutenant W. B. Pierce serving in France on the war; published in the Chronicle.

A Little Missionary Journey by Federick W. Neve, 11.9.1901.pdf
An article written by Frederick W. Neve about his religious work in the mountains, published in Southern Churchman. According to his article, Blackford and Whittle contributed to the trip.

Frederick William Neve, born in the county of Kent,…

Seminary on Philips Brooks 3.30.1901.pdf
An article published by the V.T.S. on the changes and improvements of the Seminary in the days of Philips Brooks, a graduate of the V.T.S. and an abolitionist.

Chronicle_1953-12-17 Cartoon.JPG
A cartoon of a prehistoric cave-person banging on a drum. The cartoon says "A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N--T-E-S-T--T-O-D-A-Y--"

November 1968 Chronicle.jpg
Episcopal High School's head cook, an African-American, dies of a heart attack after a 17-year-long tenure in October of 1968.

Photographs of the interior and porch of the Blackford Literary Society building.

A photograph of the priest blessing the ground where the Stewart Gym was built
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